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For this game we use the Pathfinder system with some notable changes.


There only exists three known gods on Trynd. Tases, the sister of light and protector of all that is good. Rchau, the dark queen and ruler of all that is evil. Both far removed from the actual individuals that walk the lands of Trynd. The people of Trynd creating their own sects and splinters of religion with good or evil as the basis. No matter how strange or abstract their beliefs are as long as they hold to the idea of good or evil their patrons more than willing to bestow power onto them. The two gods existence only shown in the power they often bestow on individuals championing their side of the ever present war.

And when war is involved, Kraxis is there. Far more closely tied to the people of Trynd, Kraxis and his followers are ever present. The extra blade that either side of the war is able to pick up and point at the other. Often joining both sides of the war and pitted against each other. It is not the beliefs of right or wrong that push Kraxis and his followers to action but the honor and glory gained and the history and memories created from these battles. Powerful followers often joining the underdog in a war for nothing more than to have a chance at battle against a powerful individual on the other side. Or to be along side such a being to make sure the outcome of said battle will be marked in history.


Some believe it is the aftermath of the battle between the twin sisters Tases and Rchau. The magical energy involved throwing the world into ruin and chaos. Others believe it is nothing more than the effect of some ancient and long past civilization that had the ability to affect the entire world with its magic. Though thoughts on the exact cause are generally put behind trying to understand the effect that so covers the world. That being the anchors that draw civilization to them. Obelisks planted into the center of any location meant to be some kind of community.

There are no maps of the entire world of Trynd. The idea of such a thing existing would be laughed at by any knowledgeable being. The world itself fluid and ever changing. Going along with the constant conquests of the war. Most maps nothing more than a circular of paper or cloth detailing specific directions you must leave the city or location you are currently in. The best maps containing destinations from your current location along with the destinations from those locations. Easily obtained magic making it simple to stay on track for those wishing to leave the safety of their homeland. Though such a task is not easy. The same Obelisks that act as a point to stabilize the surrounding area also inflicting the need to stay and never adventure out from home or to return home as early as possible. Though not all are susceptible to the draw of these strange devices. Those who are not almost seeming to have something else drawing them away from their homes. Pushing them out into the world.

Leaving any of these Obelisk anchored locations in any direction WILL lead you to another destination containing another Obelisk and regardless of that destination it will only take at most weeks tor each it. The directions also do not always make sense. You can leave one going north. Reach a new destination and leave that destination also going north just to end up at where you started. The world itself almost seeming to move underneath your feet, though it all being seamless to you. But this also means there is so much yet to be explored. The unknown is no more than picking a direction that is not known to lead to a specific location. Such a random path could take you from elven filled forests to the underground fortress of dwarves. The unknown and danger involved combined with the draw the Obelisk puts on most of the people means only a handful of locations are generally known from each Obelisk location. Few willing or able to tempt fate and wander out.


Trynd hosts one of the most varied selection of races anywhere. Any race you would normally be able to find along any plane you can find here. Trynd acting much more like an infinite size plane with each Obelisk marked area a different layer. The environment changing greatly from Obelisk to Obelisk. Cities with towers reaching as far as the eye can see that host varied races from humans, halflings and elves to orcs, naga and giants. Hellish underground caverns where rock is just as easily to be replaced by lava filled with earth and fire elementals along with demons and or devils. Though such beings that would normally be considered Outsiders are always Native to the world.

True Dragons being the one exception. They do exist but they are much more rare. There being only 1 dragon of each type. In other places where their color just marked their race, here it is more a title. Being much more powerful than dragons in other worlds and also much more withdrawn (with a few exceptions). Things like half-dragons and dragon blood lines just do not exist in Trynd.

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